We think that an audit should improve your business and help with daily work, not just be another thing you have to do and so we use the opportunity to help our clients find prospective problems and provide opportunities for the business’ future.

We ensure that Client’s regulatory requirements are fully dealt with and cause as little disruption as possible to the business’ daily work. We ensure that it is compliant with Accounting, Company Law and the taxation requirements while keeping our work specifically for each client’s individual needs.

Our experienced team works with our clients throughout the year to help advice on issues and questions that may arise through a full-range of in-house audit services.

We are committed to putting our clients first and so we always strive to protect our clients’ assets and income in the most effective way.

We can help clients prepare legal financial statements to act in accordance with Irish Company law and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice).

Audits can benefit the company by:

  • Enhanced creditability with the revenue authorities
  • Identify areas that can be improved and improve the company’s finance management
  • Ensure that the company has complied with company law
  • An audit can give confidence to customers and suppliers – increasing business